I never used to be into podcasts, until one day some moms in a homeschool-related Facebook group mentioned that they listen to podcasts while doing dishes or laundry. Personally, I often am bored by those tasks and would rather have someone keep me company while I do them, so listening to other people have conversations while I work is the perfect combo for me! I keep hearing of new homeschool-related podcasts. I’ve subscribed to so many at this point, that I’ll never run out of new episodes to listen to! (Maybe if I did laundry a little more often, I wouldn’t have so many new episodes in my queue…)

I’m sure there are many more homeschool podcasts out there, but these fifteen will be of particular interest to mamas of the Charlotte Mason or Classical persuasion. I love hearing about new podcasts, so please share your own favorites!

  • AT HOME – Podcast about homeschooling and motherhood. All of the mamas are Charlotte Mason-ish homeschoolers who also speak and write for Wild + Free. These four moms have lively conversations on many varied topics, and it’s the next best thing to having a mom’s night out with your real-life mom friends.
  • CiRCE Institute Podcast (specifically The Mason Jar) – Podcast about all sorts of homeschooling topics from a Charlotte Mason perspective by Cindy Rollins (author of Mere Motherhood). Cindy Rollins is so enjoyable to listen to, and quite witty. I love her podcast, especially the episodes in which she answers various listener questions.
  • The Homeschool Snapshots Podcast – Podcast in which Pam Barnhill or her co-host interview homeschool moms of all kinds to give you “a peek into the lives of the homeschoolers next door.” Always super interesting!!!
  • The Homeschool Solutions Show – Podcast about various homeschool topics, also by Pam Barnhill!
  • Your Morning Basket – Podcast about morning baskets (a.k.a. morning time or circle time), also by Pam Barnhill!
  • Wild + Free – Podcast from an unschooling and/or Charlotte Mason perspective about relaxed homeschooling, getting out in nature, and other homeschool topics by Ainsley Arment (Wild + Free creator) and Jennifer Pepito (The Peaceful Press).
  • Scholé Sisters – Podcast about various classical and/or Charlotte Mason homeschool topics by Mystie Winkler (Simply Convivial), Brandy Vencel (Afterthoughts blog), and Pam Barnhill (Homeschool Solutions)
  • Read-Aloud Revival – Podcast about reading aloud to your kids, featuring various authors of children’s books, by Sarah Mackenzie (author of Teaching from Rest).
  • At Home with Sally – Podcast about a variety of topics related to homemaking and homeschooling, by Sally Clarkson (author of Educating the Wholehearted Child, The Lifegiving Home, etc.).
  • A Delectable Education – Podcast that dives deep into Charlotte Mason’s writing and plan for education. These ladies seek to find out exactly how Charlotte Mason herself intended things. Lots of great info, but if, like me, you don’t intend to follow Charlotte Mason’s every word, you probably won’t enjoy this one as much.
  • The Homeschool Sisters Podcast – Two homeschool mamas discuss all sorts of homeschool-related topics.
  • The Classical Homeschool Podcast – About classical homeschooling by Jennifer Dow (The Paideia Fellowship) and Ashley (Between the Linens).
  • Cultivating the Lovely – by Mackenzie Monroe (Bold Turquoise).
  • A Brave Writer’s Life in Brief – by Julie Bogart (Brave Writer & Poetry Teatimes)
  • How To For the Early Years – Podcast by Amanda Speer (How To: The Early Years)