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Kids Were Here – Bottle Soup

I really love the Kids Were Here blog. It reminds me to document the little ways having a baby around has changed our home and lives. In this photo, in particular, I wanted to remember the five weeks we spent with a broken dishwasher (due to some lazy repair companies who’d forget to order the part, etc.). We washed the bottles and the dishes by hand each day. On it’s own, that’s not too troublesome, but I never had time to do it during the day with my sweet but high needs baby. And when I did wash them, I had to be careful not to lean over the edge of the counter because we had a trail of fire ants going along the front edge of the sink! Notice the Terro ant bait in the picture.

bottle soup

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  1. Aww. Yes…that’s a good idea – to document the everyday moments! That blog is neat…thanks for passing it along.

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