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First Signs of Fall

Leaf Detail Closeup



Brenizer Method

For the past two days, I’ve been obsessed with looking at photos that were done with the Brenizer Method. It sounds crazy and complicated, but in a nutshell, you take several photos and tell Photoshop to stitch them together, just as you would if you were making a panoramic picture with several images. Sometimes the effect can be quite beautiful and can simulate the look of medium format film.

I had a number of unsuccessful attempts at this yesterday. I tried to take 49 photos of one small bouquet of fake flowers…um, that was overkill. Photoshop couldn’t make heads or tails of anything and did not stitch the photos together. I came across Kim-Smith Miller’s blog by way of Flickr and loved her work. Her tutorial helped a lot, especially by showing me that I only need 4-7 photos to make a good “bokeh panorama,” not 49. :P

Here is my first successful attempt:

Brenizer Method

It consists of these four shots:


This second photo is not done with the Brenizer Method; it’s just a regular photo.


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