I’m Stacey, a second generation homeschooler with one preschool-aged daughter so far. We do laid-back learning with lots of books and time outdoors, heavily inspired by Charlotte Mason. I share thoughts on education, ideas and books that we’re loving lately, and the occasional photography-related post. You should be warned that I’m a <i>very</i> inconsistent blogger! I post more often on @booksandacorns on Instagram.

I have some old posts on teaching homeschool history that I wrote several years ago, including my series on 31 Days of Teaching Homeschool History. They were the result of much study and the experience of teaching history at homeschool co-ops. Not long after that, I became a mom, and my already inconsistent posting slowed way down! I used to post my photography more often, including pictures of my daughter, but have since decided not to publicly post pictures of her face, so those posts have been taken down!