I’m not a big fan of about me pages. Every time I try to write a succinct little description of myself, it sounds super cheesy! I’ve decided to tell you what this blog is about, and how it came into being. You’ll probably learn a little about me in the process too. I have two main topics. That may seem odd, but everyone I asked said I should combine everything into one blog. We’ll see how it goes. :)


This blog started out only as a photography blog. I started this blog when I followed the crowd and decided to go into business (which I tried and hated because I’m not business/marketing/accounting person at all). I love photography and do it only as a hobby. You may see me post a session here and there. I don’t do many, but I will offer them when I feel they’re worth the fun and practice. Even though I’m not in business, I have some goals for myself:

  1. Take awesome pictures of my kids when I become a mom.
  2. Teach photography. I have already taught a couple photography classes to homeschoolers, and I’ve enjoyed helping some friends learn photography as well. Someday I may teach more homeschool classes, teach online, or post tutorials on this blog.

Features & Contests:

  • Clickin’ Moms Blog – Featured in member submissions for ‘Science’ theme
  • The Freelensed – Image featured on Freelensed Fridays
  • In Your Own Light – Top Ten for ‘Shadows’ theme
  • Clickin’ Moms Forum – October 2013 ‘Orange’ contest winner


You may notice several new links at the top about homeschooling. Why homeschooling along with photography? I was homeschooled from first through twelfth grade, I majored in history, and then I taught history, English, and photography at a homeschool co-op for two years. In the last few years, I’ve done tons of research on various homeschool methods and theories, especially classical and Charlotte Mason, and I’ve been writing a lot of my own ideas down. Several parents whose kids were in my classes have said they enjoyed my approach to teaching history and English and wanted book recommendations and other ideas, so I’ve been wanting to start a homeschool blog with the eventual goal of organizing some of that information into a book.

So many people find history and English to be a complete bore. Usually they are accustomed to dry history books that provide a cursory overview of the world instead of immersing students in the past. There are really awesome school teachers out there who can make any history book exciting; however, homeschool teachers often feel tied to a textbook and teacher’s guide when they first get started. The beauty of homeschooling is that we can ditch the textbook entirely. I hope homeschool parents who read my blog feel inspired to be more creative with their teaching.

Thoughts on homeschooling in general: I love homeschooling and think it worked well for me. I plan to homeschool my own future children. It is most definitely not for everyone, though. Education is a personal decision for each and every family. I don’t judge anyone for not homeschooling their children, just as I hope people will do the same for me when I do homeschool my future children.