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Landmark Books in Chronological Order

Download a PDF list of Landmark books in chronological order:


I really wanted to see a list of Landmark books in chronological order so I could decide which ones I wanted to keep an eye out for. Unfortunately, after extensive Googling, I couldn’t find a list. Every list I found was really a list of them in publication order. I also came across lots of people on forums who were looking for the same sort of list, so I decided to make one myself. You can download it above or view it on this page.

The Landmark Books series was published by Random House in the 50s and 60s. At first they were published as hardcovers with dust jackets. Later they had the cover images printed directly on the hardcover. Some of them were quite exciting true adventure stories that especially appealed to boys, and several books would be published each year. You could subscribe to them and get copies mailed to you. Currently there are several reprints (sometimes with changes) and several new books being published as Landmark Books in softcover. Most of the originals are out of print. There are over 180 Landmark Books in total in the original series. Tons of people, especially homeschoolers, collect these books. You can find them on e-Bay for $5 to $10 each, often cheaper if you buy them as a lot. Okay, enough about publication info.

Why are these books so cool? They’re popular for the same reason historical fiction books are popular. Historical fiction is awesome in that it can pull you in and show you what it was like to live in a time period or during a certain event. It’s way more exciting than a textbook–you actually cannot wait to find out what happens and will sit down to read chapter after chapter. Well-researched non-fiction history is so often dry, especially when it’s in textbook or encyclopedia form, written by a committee (barf). Landmark books are non-fiction history books; however, they were almost all written by talented authors whose passion it was to make history exciting and tell real stories as if they were novels.

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Giant List of Homeschool History Living Book Lists and Resources

Here is a list of online and in print book lists for your homeschool history studies, as well a recommended series, authors, places to find free e-books, and other sources for finding living books for history study. If you find this list helpful, please share or pin it on Pinterest. Thanks!

Great Series

  • Landmark Books. Landmark books are excellent living history books! Most of them were published in the 50s and 60s and are now out of print. They read like novels and adventure stories. If you cannot find them in your library, you can find them on e-Bay for $5-10 (sometimes more like $2 if you buy a bunch together).
  • Signature Biographies.
  • Childhood of Famous Americans. These are good for young readers, but please realize that they focus only on the childhoods of these figures and not on the main events that they were known for.

Great Authors

  • Genevieve Foster. One of her books is titled Augustus Caesar’s World. She interweaves the history of the entire world (including the Far East and the Americas) during that time period with Augustus Caesar’s biography. She is a master storyteller and her books are a pleasure to read.
  • Albert Marrin. Marrin’s books are definitely at a higher reading level than Foster’s. All of his books are worth reading. He explains the background for his topic well; for instance in America and Vietnam: The Elephant and the Tiger, he goes all the way back to the beginning of Vietnamese history to help his reader develop a much stronger understanding.

Homeschool Databases

Free E-Books

Curricula with Lists

You can purchase books from these retailers or you can browse their catalogs for lists of books to look for at your local library.

Booklists in Print Form

Online Booklists

Historical Fiction Lists


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